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Milpitas Post Endorses Rajeev Madnawat

Good news! Milpitas Post has endorses Rajeev Madnawat for Milpitas City Council.
The Milpitas Post, Nov. 2, 2012 “… we strongly recommend the election of Rajeev Madnawat…” According to the Post, Rajeev Madnawat strikes as the most independent candidate….. he steeped in many years of active community involvement with broad range of civic betterment.
The Post continues: “Madnawat brings an impressive set of credentials to the job. His educational background and work experience is both in electrical engineering and the law. He has given unsparingly of his time to volunteer projects including service as chair of the Milpitas Citizens Advisory Commission, he is presently a city planning commissioner, is on the oversight committee for school parcel tax expenditures and was chosen as the 2012 Citizen of the Year.”

The Post states that Madnawat, an outstanding public servant, has spent years of highly productive volunteer efforts. It is time to put him on the city council where his wisdom to make the right decisions and the courage to make the hard ones should benefit all of us.
The Post further states that electing Madnawat will be a step forward that will serve the greater Milpitas community.

A Better Choice For A Better Milpitas

News: Mayor Jose Esteves, Council Candidate Garry Barbadillo and I have decided to put up a joint campaign. Since I am not soliciting money from special interest groups, the joint campaign will help us contain the campaigning cost.  We three remain independent in our views.  We do not agree on everything, but we have agreed to work toward making Milpitas a great city to live and work, in our own ways.  I am using every dollar wisely and smartly to get bigger bang out of it, just like I would do with taxpayers money. 

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Why I am Running for Milpitas City Council

I am concerned about city’s financial health and the impact it will have on the city services and quality of life of Milpitas residents. I believe I have the knowledge and courage to make tough and difficult decisions. 

I am also concerned that our water and garbage rates have gone up about 70% and continue to rise pretty much every six months. I will move for an operations audit of the water and sewer services to include the pricing.  A solution must be found to our ever increasing utility bills which are the highest in the area. There is a dire need to find an alternative to city’s current service providers who can provide the same or substantially same service at a cheaper rate.

The City has lost focus on what is important to the residents.  Many programs such as DARE and Character Counts have been cut  and library hours have been reduced.  We just have one library; thousands of students, residents including senior citizens rely on the library for their educational needs.  It is a shame that we cannot fully fund the library and other educational programs (these are relatively small expenses in city budget).   My first task as a council member will be to restore funding to all education related programs and senior services.  I will also partner with School Board to find a way to obtain the land for a new school.  Education related programs are my top priorities.
Small businesses are disappearing under the heavy burden of regulations. I will work toward making it easier to setup a business in Milpitas and simplifying the process for small businesses to setup and expand their operations. 
I believe that a better coordination between the City and School District is needed.  I will take the lead in providing that link. Since both bodies represent and serve the same people, it makes sense that they work closely with each other.
Yet another issue that is close to my heart is that after being elected, our representatives forget who they really represent. I want to change this and give you the respect you deserve.  I will setup a process for myself to gather  feedback from the constituents before voting on major issues.  
I am a late entrant to the race. The reason I waited so long was because I hoped to see a new and capable face I could support. Unfortunately, I did not see anyone that I believed could contribute towards solving the above issues. Hence, I decided to run. 
I welcome my fellow citizens to contact me to know my views on various issues and start a discussion as to how we can fix things together. Please write to me at  Please donate to my campaign electronically.


My Agenda
  1. Work toward reforming public employee salaries and pension to balance the budget and to ensure good financial health of the city in both short and long terms. Bring all stakeholders to table and formulate an index to link benefits and perks to city revenues. 
  2. Ensure budget cuts do not lower the quality of life for the residents of Milpitas in any substantial way. Ensure the highest level of public safety.
  3. An operations audit of the water and sewer services to include the pricing.  A solution must be found to our ever increasing utility bills which are the highest in the area.
  4. Improved oversight of the city capital improvement budget.  We need to ensure that our facilities infrastructure will remain intact in the event of a major earthquake.
  5. An indepth review of our city’s debts and the long term plan to retire them and return our city to financial health. And, no extravagance spending.  No wasteful spendings.
  6. Work closely with the School District and involve School District for decisions related to new housing construction; partnering with School District for building new school; traffic reduction around schools.
  7. Making it easier for small businesses operate and create more jobs in Milpitas.
  8. Avoid layoffs and no cuts to senior services.
  9. Environmental friendly safer communities.
  10. Restore funding for library, DARE and Character Counts programs.
Who Is Supporting Me

I have decided to run after being consistently encouraged by people from different walks who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of Milpitans.  Current list of supporters include city and city and community leaders including Mayor Jose Esteves and councilmember Althea PolanskiSan Jose Councilmember Kansen Chu, Former councilmember Trish Dixon, many city commissioners such as Sudhir Mandal (Chair, Planning Commissioner), John Luk (Planning Commissioner), Garry Barbadillo (Candidate for Milpitas City Council and Planning Commissioner Alternate), Phong Nguyen (Community Advisory Commissioner), Elpidio Estioko (Chair, Library Advisory Commission), Yu-Lan Chou (Library Advisory Commissioner), Rohit Sharma (Parks Commissioner) , Chris Salian (Recycling Commissioner), Michelle Manassau (Community Advisory Commisioner),Thelma Batilo (Community Advisory Commissioer and Chair, Lions Club), Sukhi Singh (Telecom Commissioner), Niranjan Gupta, President of Milpitas Youth Soccer Club and Telecom Commissioner, Jose Rosario (Community Advisory Commissioer), Kashmir Gill (Recycling Commissioner),  Gary Roope, Attorney Kenneth Brooks, Attorney  Jasamine Bains, Attorney Leonard Hayman, Geeta Kadambi Ph.D., small business owners and concerned citizens such as Delia and David Hufton, Dan Manassau former member of City of Milpitas Budget Task Force, Ami Shah CPA, Moo Choi, and some former city council candidates.  

I do not intend to ask for your support by telling you that since all these people are supporting me you should also support me.  Instead, I urge my you to compare my qualifications with others.  I know my qualifications, values and goals make me the best candidate for Milpitas City Council. 


Rajeev For Milpitas City Council 2012.

Citizen Of the Year1

Path of Giants

Come with me along the path of giants; those with conviction to the principles of work, discipline and civic responsibility believing that the same will and has provided prosperity for all. Giants, such as, an immigrant Scotsman whose toil and labor help wrought America’s industrial age as a steel giant making the name Carnegie synonymous with industrial prowess and philanthropic greatness; that homegrown man a descendant of the earliest immigrants whose innovation and free spirit provided us with the tires upon which nearly all vehicles rely today so that the name Goodyear has become synonymous with tires; or the daughter of recent immigrants who now is the governor of South Carolina, Governor Haley, or Governor Jindal recently arrived from India as a boy and afforded an opportunity and granted the privilege to sit as the Governor of the a sister state, the Great State of Louisiana; or of the man, born into slavery, but whose love of country and belief in our great experiment lifted a dying industry that once sought to keep the chains of bondage upon him for profit, through a very simple, yet important practice of crop rotation noticeable, I speak of a citizen whose belief in this country he desired to make known to the world around by the adoption in his name of the founding President-I speak of George Washington Carver.

Each of these individuals did not live for the sound bite or instant gratification. Instead each toiled a lifetime to achieve their ends. Yes, some did achieve great wealth, while other did not and yet it cannot be easily dismissed that this was not the main impetus for their achievements. Andrew Carnegie and Charles Goodyear both did not receive vast wealth until the end of their time, and the former slave, Mr. Carver, never attained it. With respect to Mr. Jindal and Ms. Haley, history has yet to speak of the rewards for their endeavors. However, it cannot be denied that each of the foregoing individuals contributed greatly to the prosperity of the people of this nation and did not savor in that fact.

However, today this great country is suffering a dearth of conviction in the principles of these giants amongst our so-called leaders. This lack of conviction has brought about a dangerous philosophy being adopted by these leaders that focuses on “short term gain in exchange for long term risk”. A risk that many of you have come to know as a reality, I speak of the current financial crisis. A crisis that is not only local to our beloved Milpitas, but also burdens our state and threatens our nation. It would be difficult to argue that this crisis does not evolve directly from lack of conviction in the principles of which I speak. Many of those who have adopted this ideology and benefitted from the crisis justify their ill-gotten gains by a sense of entitlement, i.e., they believe that they better than us and as such deserve to gain from our suffering. However, this sense of entitlement is not unique to the banking class. We see this same divisive ideology and lopsided benefits amongst members of our state and local community. This is most prevalent in the current debate over public employee pensions and union pay.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am very much aware of the sacrifices made by public employees. The mantra was always take a little less now and benefit later: a noble philosophy of short-term risk in exchange for long-term gain. However, the current financial crisis that faces the local community necessitates sacrifices by all, not just the members of the local tax base. I very much appreciate the arguments that many beneficiaries of the public pensions assert that they, too, are members of that local tax base. However, given the disparity of economic pain being suffered by these members a dichotomy arises in which one group receives more from tax revenues than they pay, the payees, and another group pays more in tax revenue than their receive: payers. It has become increasingly apparent that the payees are providing less and less public services to the payers while the payers pay more and more in taxes. To what benefit is this, I ask. Is it for the community? Rather, it is to further a sense of entitlement. It is sense of entitlement that I will work against. Rather, I will foster a community spirit so that the financial pain that we all feel is not unduly borne by one group over another. We must all pull together and move our city forward by ensure fair and disciplined spending so as to ensure that the payers and payees share and share alike in the benefits that result from the tax revenue and the need to reduce services that result from the tax revenue.

This article was published in the Milpitas Post on July 12, 2012 (